Mission: The mission of Kamiseta Skin is to augment each person’s beauty by providing the finest individualized Dermatology & Aesthetic services using high quality machines and latest technology in our state of the art environment, giving our guests a sense of feeling renewed and looking their best.

Vision: To be the Skin Care clinic of choice that provides consistent, quality, affordable & personalized Aesthetic services through our board certified doctors and trained staff. We value and respect our client’s relationship and trust, and work to ensure that their loyalty to Kamiseta Skin is long-lasting.


In 1988, Cris Roque embarked on a venture that would change her life as well as that of the thousands of women who would soon embrace the fashion sense of her creation - Kamiseta. Together with her husband Gunn, Cris combined their respective business acumen and creative talents to establish a fashion house featuring ‘Cool, Casual and Classic’ apparel and accessories. Through the years, they have nurtured their business with care and foresight, always putting their clients’ interests foremost. In return, their ever-expanding multitude of loyal and satisfied customers have catapulted Kamiseta into its present stature as one of the leading fashion brand in the Philippines for women.

Having secured the hard-earned success and bedrock reputation of the Kamiseta brand, Cris Roque has now diversified into a new venture, Kamiseta Skin, specializing in beauty and aesthetics. With the latest state-of-the-art equipment manned by doctors chosen for their experience and all board-certified in their fields of expertise, Kamiseta Skin promises to bring a whole range of excellent yet affordable beauty care services to men and women of all walks of life. Mindful of the succes the Kamiseta brand has reaped by always putting its customer’s needs foremost, Kamiseta Skin will seek to uphold the brand’s core values. As its founder would say: “Beautification is a luxury that can be within reach by all, whether clothes or skincare”.