5 Tips For Younger Looking Skin

5 Tips For Younger Looking Skin

We all aspire to have eternally youthful-looking skin. In fact, most of our customers come to our Kamiseta Clinics requesting for age-defying treatments. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. With your best interests in mind, we have come up with five tips that will help you on your way to that fountain of youth!



Probably the most neglected yet important beauty tip: drinking at least eight glasses of water every day! This will give your skin the hydration it needs to keep your complexion looking fresh and dewy.


This tip is one of the most simple, but the hardest to follow. It’s no secret that we have to watch what goes into our body. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help improve your skin’s complexion. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants such as strawberries and oranges. This will aid in fighting off free radicals that break down your skin’s collagen fibers.


One of the main causes of skin damage is the constant exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure to always apply sunscreen, especially on that beautiful face, before enjoying the outdoors.



Don’t forget to add this to your beauty routine! A good moisturizer will help boost your skin’s cell regeneration process. Don’t forget to pick the right one for your skin type to make sure that you provide your skin what it needs.



Lastly, every once in a while, pamper yourself and get that facial you deserve. While you do your best to take care of your skin on your own, a regular facial appointment will take care of what you have missed out on. Facial treatments give you a deep and thorough cleaning, ridding your skin of dead skin cells which will allow your skin to breathe.


Now that we have equipped you with tips on how to achieve a youthful look, top it off by wearing a confident smile. Nothing brings back those youthful days than the classic mega-watt smile!